Pizza Hut Markets “Lasagna”

Would everyone who honestly believes that Pizza Hut went to Italy and surprised a bunch of Italians into thinking their corporate fast food version of lasagna was actually made by some Italian chef or grandmother please stand up? (Okay, I guess it is pretty difficult to count those of you standing in this format, so you can sit down again.)

Recently, Pizza Hut began airing a TV commercial for its new lasagna in which they paint a picture of setting up a restaurant full of Italians with lasagna they are supposed to think is made by a local restaurant that is in fact, surprise, made by Pizza Hut. Ignoring for now that lasagna is not something Italians probably are going out to eat, if they were, you’d think one of them might think something was afoot when everyone in the restaurant was eating the same thing. You think they also might have noticed the cameras everywhere filming their “candid” reactions — reactions that, of course, are full of big, sexy Italian words that no one in real life, even in Italy, would likely be using in that context.

Then, when the “chef” announces to everyone that it is, in fact, Pizza Hut lasagna, and a bunch of guys dressed in Pizza Hut uniforms walk in, everyone laughs and applauds. Never mind that it is probably more likely in Italy that the locals would be incited to riot against the invasion of their country by another corporate fast food restaurant. This is the birthplace of the Slow Food movement, people!

All this leads me to ask, does this ad prove that Pizza Hut thinks Americans are that stupid, or does it prove that Pizza Hut can even find stupid people with no taste in Italy?

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