Breaking News: KFC Has Cooks!!!

A recent TV ad campaign for KFC features a woman walking and talking. She’s talking about how fresh the chicken is at KFC. She explains, you see, that KFC receives a delivery of fresh chicken every day. Cut to the image of the Tyson factory-farmed chicken truck backing up to a KFC, as if Tyson is delivering its “chicken” directly to each of KFC’s 11,000+ “restaurants” directly, and individually, on a daily basis. As if.

Anyway, the woman then asks viewers rhetorically (since it would be pretty silly if she expected us to answer her, and even more silly if we did), “How do I know this?” She then answers her own question, now wearing her kitchen whites, with, “I’m the cook here. There’s one of us in every KFC.”

Stop the presses! This is serious. Apparently, if we are to believe KFC’s commercial (and I know there are some who won’t), there is someone in every single one of the 11,000+ KFCs out there actually cooking their food! Who knew?Sounds like KFC is jumping on the cooks cooking cooked food bandwagon. How knee-jerk of them.

I guess we can now all feel comfortable about eating at KFC, knowing they get chicken from Tyson, and that after they get it, someone there cooks it. What are they going to come up with next? A commercial that brags about their lights using pure and natural electricity? Now that would get me in the door.

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